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Bow-Thruster- and Propeller-Anodes Zinc

Bow-Thruster 687-3180 BOW 55-75-95 Sleipner (Zinc) | 9616


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Why Opferanode24.de?

Production and Sales by Opferanode24.de

At Opferanode24.de we offer the best prices to our customers combined with excellent quality from Germany. We do not only sell sacrificial anodes in our Online-Shop, but we also possess an own foundry business for sacrificial anodes. This company produces sacrificial anodes since generations in various forms thereby applying expertise that lasts back for decades.

Reliable, functional and eco-friendly materials

Operanode24.de sets up new quality standards in the area of sacrificial anodes, since it maximises protection from corrosion combined with reduction of pollution. The secret of our superiority is that we only use pure raw materials for our sacrificial anodes.

We highly focus in this connection on reliability and functionality. As an example we produce our zinc anodes only by using a maximum zinc content in oder to optimise the anodic protection of our products. Regarding the implementation of such a high zinc content, we developed an own casting method, as the conventional production of sacrificial anodes does not work by applying die casting on technically pure zinc (Zn99,995). Moreover, our sacrificial anodes made from the aluminium-magnesium alloy (ALMG10) combine the high efficiency of the metal magnesium with the endurance of the metal aluminium resulting in optimal protection.

Furthermore we minimise – as opposed to other producers – the usage of poisonous substances such as lead and cadmium. When sacrificial anode disaggregate, poisonous substances get into our ecological cycle and end up in nature. Hence, we reduce pollution, which you can take from the table below. There we compare zinc used by Opferanode24.de (EN 1179 Z1) with zinc used by other producers (US MIL SPEC. A 18001K):

The following advantages can be derived for Opferanode24.de:

Cd-Content: 25 times less
Pb-Content: 2 times less
Cu-Content: 5 times less
Fe-Content: 3 times less

Experts in the area of sacrifical anodes

As a customer you can ask our team at Opferanode24.de any question. We want to understand our products! For this reason we expand our section Interesting Facts continuously. We want to provide our readers the possibility to exclusively inform themselves on Opferanode24.de about the topic sacrificial anodes. Furthermore our staff regularly visits international trade fairs, in order to be informed regarding latest technologies. Additionally, we are in contact with experts from the maritime sector, who support us with their knowledge, when it comes to more complex questions.